Enter the Coigach Half Marathon

Coigach Half Marathon
Saturday 13th October 2018
Print this form and send with payment to the race organiser

Your full name      ___________________________________________________________

Address                    ___________________________________________________________

Postcode                  _______________________

email                         ___________________________________________

Have you run in this event before?  ________________________________

Where did you hear about this event?  ____________________________________

I will be aged ___ years on the day of the race

I am male / female (please delete as appropriate)

Entry fee £20 (Scottish Athletics members £18)

This is a Scottish Athletics Permit event held under Scottish Athletics Regulations Open to anyone.

Scottish Athletics membership number (if applicable) __________

In entering I declare that I am:

(a) medically fit to run 

(b) I will be aged over 17 years on 13th October 2018

I accept that I enter at my own risk to myself and my belongings.

Signed  ____________________________________

Date _____________________

Cheques for entry should be made payable to “Achiltibuie Playing Field Group” and sent along with a copy (or email) of the entry form to:

Angus Macleod 
Coigach Half Marathon
Achiltibuie, Ullapool, Ross-shire, IV26 2YT 
Please send e-mail address or s.a.e. for acknowledgement of payment

Entry fees
Standard £20.00 GBP
Scottish Athletics Members £18.00 GBP


2 thoughts on “Enter the Coigach Half Marathon

  1. Fraser McNaughton

    Hi I wonder if you could help thanks, looking to pay by PayPal for entry but can’t find a link to do that. If you could let me know how to go about that thanks. Thanks for your help best wishes fraser

    • angusmacleod96

      Hello, I’m sorry if no one has got back to you. We’re delighted that you’d like to enter the Coigach Half Marathon. I’m afraid we are still trying (with little success) to insert the Paypal button into our site. Very frustrating! In the meantime, please do enter in the old-school way of sending a cheque, or bear with us until we sort our techno-glitches. Thanks so much!

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