Enter the Coigach Half Marathon

Coigach Half Marathon
Saturday 13th October 2018
Print this form and send with payment to the race organiser

Your full name      ___________________________________________________________

Address                    ___________________________________________________________

Postcode                  _______________________

email                         ___________________________________________

Have you run in this event before?  ________________________________

Where did you hear about this event?  ____________________________________

I will be aged ___ years on the day of the race

I am male / female (please delete as appropriate)

Entry fee £20 (Scottish Athletics members £18)

This is a Scottish Athletics Permit event held under Scottish Athletics Regulations Open to anyone.

Scottish Athletics membership number (if applicable) __________

In entering I declare that I am:

(a) medically fit to run 

(b) I will be aged over 17 years on 13th October 2018

I accept that I enter at my own risk to myself and my belongings.

Signed  ____________________________________

Date _____________________

Cheques for entry should be made payable to “Achiltibuie Playing Field Group” and sent along with a copy (or email) of the entry form to:

Angus Macleod 
Coigach Half Marathon
Achiltibuie, Ullapool, Ross-shire, IV26 2YT 
Please send e-mail address or s.a.e. for acknowledgement of payment

Alternatively, pay by PayPal

Entry fees
Standard £20.00 GBP
Scottish Athletics Members £18.00 GBP

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