Just three little months… will you join us?

It’s just three little months until we’ll be pounding / hobbling over the finishing line of the Coigach Half Marathon – here on the playing field of the Achiltibuie Primary School. Head over to coigachrun.com/entry-form and join us!  The payment system is still a little archaic but bear with us – and you can pay on the day if you need to.

The run raises funds for the upkeep of this lovely playing field, so you’ll not only have a spectacular athletic experience but you’ll also be helping our tiny school.

bonnie evening

A bonnie evening on the playing field.

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The Runbetweeners – 2017

A lovely account of the the 2017 race from Kenny Taylor (second-place with an impressive 1.25.39).

“I absolutely loved everything about the route and it must rank as one of Scotland’s most friendly races.” – we can’t ask for much more than that, can we?!




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2015 Race Results

1. Rafal Iwanowski                 1.38.32

2. Lizzie Williams                   1.39.42

3. Lucy Taylor                         1.41.19

4. Paul Gaffney                       1.43.54

5. Geraldine Fillos                   1.45.08

6. Mark Foxwell                       1.45.51 (1st over 50 man)

7. Alex Kinninmonth                1.46.38

8. Roxanne Anderson             1.47.06

9. Catriona Macgregor            1.49.42

10. Alan Wilson                        1.52.20
11. Helen O’ Keefe                   1.55.42
12. Fiona Gray                          1.57.53
13. Peter Diender                      1.59.26
14. Ewan Peach                        2.01.43
15. Angus Macleod                   2.02.55
16. Ewan McGillivray                2.06.41
17. John Rigby                         2.08.24
18. Gerroid Murphy                  2.08.35
19. David Macleod                   2.11.07
20. Caroline Taylor                  2.36.34 (1st over 50 woman)
21. Alexander Robbins            2.41.06
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The fourth Coigach Half Marathon will be run on Saturday 17th October 2015 Start time this year is 1pm.

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Apologies to anyone who was trying to download an entry from in the last couple of weeks and couldn’t because the site was password protected.  I don’t know how this happened but I probably messed it up last time I was on – sorry.   Anyway, our computer expert Lesley Muir has fixed the problem and we’re back on track.  Thanks Lesley.

Less than a month now to the Half Marathon and we’ve already got more entries than last year so if you’re planning to do the run please get in touch as soon as you can.  There’s no limit on numbers, yet, but it would help if we had an idea of how many folk there’ll be so we can sort out food, etc.  There’s no bar in the hall after the race this year but there will be free hot food for all the runners; everyone else will need to pay a few quid but it’s all for a good cause.

Good luck with the training.

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Only ten weeks to go before the second Coigach Half Marathon and looking forward to another great day.   We already have twenty entrants, none of whom ran the race last year, so hoping for a bigger turn-out.

The set-up will be much the same as last year but we’ve put the start time back a bit so I make it home in daylight!  We’re also hoping to provide free food, maybe soup and sandwiches, for all the runners.

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Gold silver and bronze!

The route takes you on a fantastic rollercoaster ride round the most beautiful peninsula on Scotland’s North-West coast.

Fantastic run in an awesome setting!

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